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Centaur Forge Super Blower

Centaur Forge Super Blower
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Detailed Description

Introducing the New Centaur Forge Hand Crank Super Blower

The Super Blower is even better than the Big Blast Blower.
The Super Blower still uses the heavy duty aluminum impeller and housing used on the PB blower but is lighter and easier to mount. We have replaced the chain drive with a 25/1 Worm Gear and changed the 2 handle design to one longer handle.

New Super Blower Weight: 18 lbs.
Old Big Blast Blower 31 lbs.

New Super Blower 25/1 ratio Worm Gear
Old Big Blast Blower Chain Drive

New Super Blower Handle: 8" Arm with 3" Handle - Handle shaft comes out 5" from the body
Old Big Blast Blower 3-1/2" arm with 2 handles 4-1/2" long

New Super Blower Gear Box Size 6" x 4" x 1-1/4"
Old Big Blast Blower Chain drive body is 2" wide, 8" deep by 17-1/2" long.

New Super Blower Aluminum mounting plate with 4 holes Old Big Blast Blower Steel mounting plate with 4 holes

The Super Blower will work on any of the existing Centaur Coal Forges.
Overall Dimensions: 19" tall, 15-1/2" long, 8" wide

3" Outlet

CFM = Up to 200

FPM = Up to 4100