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Capewell Horseshoe Nails

Capewell Horseshoe Nails

Capewell horseshoe nails come from a true American legacy of master craftsmanship. The Capewell company has been hammering out horseshoe nails for 125 years, and has never stopped innovating and improving. Today, they offer 26 nail variants, each of which features angles and tapers with precision unmatched by their competitors. They've thought of everything, and it shows in every single horseshoe nail from Capewell.

Regular Nails

Regular head nails offered by Capewell are perfect for larger shoes. They are general-purpose, which means you can use them for farm horses, draft horses, and horses that go to show. They still feature the unique precision of Capewell design, but are crafted to fit a variety of uses.

Slim Nails

Slim nails are extra tapered to ensure that when you drive the nail into the hoof to fit your horseshoe, you'll have to worry about displacement far less than you would when using a standard nail. Use slim nails for horses with recurring issues or special needs.

Race Nails

High tensile strength and optimum elasticity allow race nails to stay in place even when your horse is pushing the limits of top speed. In the worst and best conditions, race nails hold up to adverse weather and high impact.

Nail Varieties for All Horses

Capewell prides itself on its 125 years of excellence, and you can see their thoroughness in their impressive selection of Capewell horseshoe nails. There's a nail for nearly every kind of horse and every kind of horseshoe.

Centaur Forge Nails Customer Care, Too

Ordering your Capewell horse nails from Centaur Forge isn't just a checkout process. We also enthusiastically welcome your feedback. Our team employs a highly trained and professional customer service staff fully prepared to answer any questions you have about our best products. Talk to us about your farrier and blacksmith projects and we'll make sure you find the Capewell horseshoe nails that fit your needs today.