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Capewell #5 Slim Nails, 500 per box

Capewell #5 Slim Nails, 500 per box
Item Number: SB5500

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Detailed Description

  • Material: Steel
  • Box Size: 500
  • A: 4.17mm
  • D: 7.12mm
  • H:49.26mm
  • K: 8.82mm
  • Weight: 0.1 oz.

  • The Capewell Slim Blade provides strength and hold while minimizing hoof displacement.
  • Built with the same City Head design, you can use this nail with confidence when you need a nail for thin-walled horses, or you just need to sneak a tricky nail into a bad area.
  • Capewell Slim Blades have been the preferred nail in North America for decades and with good reason.

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