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Blacksmithing: A Manual for Use in School and Shop

Blacksmithing: A Manual for Use in School and Shop
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Detailed Description

  • By: R.W. Selvidge and J.M. Allton
  • Pages: 160
  • Paperback
  • B&W images

  • The original, 1925, description of this book reads: "Good elementary instruction book for schools where forging is taught and useful to the working blacksmith. A number of typical blacksmithing jobs are detailed in the order in which the work is to be carried on.Authors are respectively professor of industrial education and instructor in forging, University of Missouri."
  • As suggested, this book is designed for use as a text in school shops and farm shops, and for the blacksmith interested in expanding their knowledge and increasing their skills.
  • This information packed book covers blacksmithing, metalworking, and tools; as well as sections on forges, horse shoeing, replacing wagon wheels, tires, spokes, and rims.
  • This classic title offers a full analysis of the blacksmith's trade, with instructions and line illustrations.
  • It also includes a section of standard information tables often referred to when doing such work.