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Atlas Knife & Tool Firestorm 2-Burner Blacksmith Forge

Atlas Knife & Tool Firestorm 2-Burner Blacksmith Forge
Item Number: FIRESTORM2
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Detailed Description

  • Need a simple blacksmithing forge?  This is the forge for you.  With a 6" diameter x 13" long chamber, the Firestorm 2-burner has plenty of room for horseshoes, scroll work, and other blacksmithing staples.
  • The Firestorm 2-Burner (FS2) forge uses Kastolite 50-25 Plus cast refractory, cured and baked for 6 hours at 450F.  Ready to use right out of the box and it will last much longer than wool based forges.
  • Want to weld in your forge, but arent comfortable with fluxless welding yet?  Get a piece of stainless steel and make a dish for the bottom.  This is the easiest way to protect your forge from flux.
  • We include a bag of Plistix 900F.  Although not required for use, this easy-to-apply refractory is painted on the inside of the chamber and improves efficiency.  Simply mix with water, wet the chamber with a damp rag and paint the Plistix 900F on.
  • We also improved the construction level of this forge.  With 1/8" thick stainless material all around, TIG welded end plates, and a tough, cast refractory shell, its built to last!  Heck, we even managed to make the toolrest stronger.

  • Chamber measures 6" diameter 13"
  • One end 3/4 blocked, one end full open
  • Max temp of 2400 F
  • 470+ BTU per cubic inch
  • Hot enough to forge weld!
  • Welded leg plates with integrated toolrest holder
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 14"

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