A Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods

A Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods
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Introduction is by Jane Rees

This is a beautifully crafted reproduction of a pattern book probably issued by W. & C. Wynn of Birmingham about 1820. It contains 83 plates of tools, including 9 fold out plates, all at full size. The plates depict hundreds of tools, household goods including tools for the kitchen, corkscrews, garden tools, watch and clock tools, coopers' tools, shoemakers' tools, gun tools and personal accessories like key rings and fingernail clippers.

The illustrated introduction is by Jane Rees. As a bonus, each book has a back pocket containing a reprint of an 1810 W. & C. Wynn price list that closely matches the pattern book. This publication is the first of its kind that has been reprinted at full size and is a unique resource for those interested in tools and household goods. It is also the first publication supported by the Mark Rees Publication Fund.

90 pages, Hundreds of superbly reproduced B & W drawings of tools, Paperback