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32 oz. - Hoof Marvel Hoof Re-Moisturizer Spray

32 oz. - Hoof Marvel Hoof Re-Moisturizer Spray
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Detailed Description

  • Spray-on Hoof Marvel is a non-toxic, natural product made from beneficial plant extracts that return the hoof to a more natural state of moisture and flexibility within minutes of application. This makes the hoof more pliable and much easier for the farrier to work. Originally developed for use by farriers to reduce the hazard to both hose and human caused by dry, brittle hooves, Hoof Marvel has also been shown to be an effective conditioner when used by horse owners. Applications four to six times a week can help keep the hoof moisture level similar to that of a horse on spring pasture.
  • The Hoof Marvel formula was developed by a horseman and a farrier who both agreed that there had to be a better solution to dry hooves than soaking them in a mud puddle before the farrierís visit. Dissatisfied with the awkward and messy brush-on products available, the two experimented with different formulas for several years before settling on a combination of ingredients that are safe, effective, and easy to use.
  • The benefit and safety of Hoof Marvel has been confirmed by rigorous testing - including tests performed by Practical Horseman Magazine.