210cc Equi-Thane Super Fast Adhesive (Orange Label)

210cc Equi-Thane Super Fast Adhesive (Orange Label)
Item Number: 47140

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SuperFast 210cc
Color: Clear
Item No: 47140
Set Time: 30 sec.

Super Fast 210cc is packaged in an industry standard cartridge and holds 30% more material than prior models, giving you more material for your money.

For use as adhesive
Create a custom shoe in minutes
Foal cuffs attached in seconds or custom made in minutes
Small hoof repairs and toe cracks completed quickly
Helps to hold thin, brittle hoof walls together

Vettec products are best used between 65 and 85 F (18 to 29 C). Temperature will affect the set time. See Cold & Hot Conditions below.
Areas of wetness or bleeding should not be covered. Once healed, commence using products.
Super Fast can be applied with the shoe on or off but will bond to the shoe. A coating of oil or petroleum jelly to the top of shoe will prevent this from occurring. Take care not to get any on the area of the hoof being repaired.
Product may not bond to hooves that have been heavily treated with products containing: oils, grease, pine tar, etc. In these instances, a light denatured alcohol scrub and drying should be performed to ensure adhesion.
The following procedures are best-accomplished wearing latex or rubber gloves.
Do not burn or "Hot Shoe" this product.
Use only Vettec mixing tips.